Full Steam Ahead!

For those following this page, which currently there doesn’t seem to be many, you may have noticed I have been adding as I go to the Shibori pages for the second attempt at shibori dying I am currently working on. I am still tweaking and adding to the presentation online and have yet to do final wash and iron out of the pieces to do the final photos for the series. I am thinking a trip to the laundromat will be in order for the rigorous washing. 

Also, I am going to be making a class information page to host all the handouts for the A & S Classes I will teach or have taught.

Then in the next few days, I will be gathering my thoughts & notes to complete my historical documentation of Glass Bead making and Shibori dying (which is a challenge in of itself as I do not know Japanese).

I hope the New Year has been kind to you all and that you are all able to work on the projects near and dear to your heart.

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