Pennsic Letter # 2

Greetings to Traveling Atlantian Ministers of the Lists,

I have heard of a great trial and possibly war coming to our Society within the Kingdom of Aethelmearc’s lands.  I hope that you all remain safe during these trying times and able to assist our fighters as needed. 

You may have previously seen me call you MOLs my Rock/Stars. Your strength and work ethic has provided me with a foundation that is as strong as the densest rock. The way you all shine while working reminds me of the brightest stars twinkling in the heavens. Both of which Inspires me to be a better servant to the dream and provide you with the support that you all may need.

The List field’s of Atlantia are empty as our colleagues have gone to aid our brethren or are maintaining Their Majesty’s Lands within Atlantia. Know that I am with you in spirit and hope for everyone’s safe return.

May peace come swiftly and our fighter’s fight justly.

My many thanks to you MOLs.

Lady Sara van Eerde

Atlantia’s Kingdom Minister of the List


July 30, 2019, AS LIV

Pennsic War XLVIII

July Update 2019

Sara here…July is here and two members of our household are preparing for Pennsic (sadly not I). One of which is taking our mascot Mischief with them to Peace week of Pennsic. So I am sewing him garb as Jedi Robes do not qualify as period Garb. So far his kilt, sporran, and a Viking apron dress (he is a monkey) and a black apron to match mine are done. 

Monkey sized Kasode, Hakuma, Ottoman, underdress are all up next!

Even though I am not going, the Pennsic panic has arrived!