October 2019

October flew by, and I am busy prepping for Fall Crown Tournament.

I have started relearning woodworking and making some small wood projects including stuff for Shenanigans and Mischief, some of it will be making first event appearance at Crown.  Until November!

September Update

Hello All!

I am busy preparing for Stierbach Baronial Birthday. Giglswick of Wigglesworth (the actual location) will be busy in real life for about the next month. So I will be assisting  Janna. Plans are in the works for Fall Crown Tournament’s Activities. Which I still need more MOLs.

I hope all is well with you.

Pennsic Letter #4

Mistress Blitha and Lord Allan of Wolfhou,

Before I forget; I met Justin, the thatcher of speed, the other day and he sends his greetings. There is much to consider before making such a decision, so none has been made as of yet.

The Giglsworth Academy of Wiggleswort’s Halls are empty, cold, and lacking in the sound of laughter.  Thankfully the halls are staying dry. I have heard of storms pending on your horizon and I hope all in the encampment stay dry.

I have heard the news that Lord Kelvin and his peer Mistress Garcia are working hard to ensure everyone is appropriately fed. I look forward to hearing more about their delightful meals when you return.

Shenanigans and I have been keeping each other company and he has helped monitor the lands of Sudentorre and Stierbach with the Gigglesworth fleet of flying monkeys. They report that your wolf pack is well fed and doing a great job doing their duty protecting their assigned lands and herds. Not one protected animal has been lost under their watch.

Not much else to report on the home front.  I hope that you are in good health, safe, that the markets haven’t pillaged your wallets too much, and your arrows and atlatl darts fly true.

Please send my greetings and love to your family.

Best wishes,

Lady Sara

Pennsic Letter # 2

Greetings to Traveling Atlantian Ministers of the Lists,

I have heard of a great trial and possibly war coming to our Society within the Kingdom of Aethelmearc’s lands.  I hope that you all remain safe during these trying times and able to assist our fighters as needed. 

You may have previously seen me call you MOLs my Rock/Stars. Your strength and work ethic has provided me with a foundation that is as strong as the densest rock. The way you all shine while working reminds me of the brightest stars twinkling in the heavens. Both of which Inspires me to be a better servant to the dream and provide you with the support that you all may need.

The List field’s of Atlantia are empty as our colleagues have gone to aid our brethren or are maintaining Their Majesty’s Lands within Atlantia. Know that I am with you in spirit and hope for everyone’s safe return.

May peace come swiftly and our fighter’s fight justly.

My many thanks to you MOLs.

Lady Sara van Eerde

Atlantia’s Kingdom Minister of the List


July 30, 2019, AS LIV

Pennsic War XLVIII

July Update 2019

Sara here…July is here and two members of our household are preparing for Pennsic (sadly not I). One of which is taking our mascot Mischief with them to Peace week of Pennsic. So I am sewing him garb as Jedi Robes do not qualify as period Garb. So far his kilt, sporran, and a Viking apron dress (he is a monkey) and a black apron to match mine are done. 

Monkey sized Kasode, Hakuma, Ottoman, underdress are all up next!

Even though I am not going, the Pennsic panic has arrived!

March Madness!

I have been busy getting up to speed with my duties as KMOL and getting ready for Defending the Gate. All is well.

What Happened to January?

Well apparently January flew by for me and I forget to make any updates. I was busy doing scribbally things, updating presentations for the MOL Classes I was teaching and reviewing/updating the MOL Handbook. Things are chugging along smoothly.

For February: I had a full day at university, yesterday. Next weekend will either be an off weekend or a weekend of crazy amounts of data entry *crosses fingers*. The Holiday-ish weekend I will be working for another volunteer organization (that I do work for once a year). Then wrapping up the Month will be a long day marathon day tripping Ymir.

To all who read this take care and have a great month!

Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year! May 2019 be a prosperous, kind, creative, productive, good health and happy year for you all! I am currently enjoying time with my family and friends. I am working with my household to have two scrolls done for 12th Night. <crosses fingers> Best Wishes. 

HF 2018 Weekend

Phew! I think I survived the weekend… jury is still out as I am now slightly under the weather this week. 😞

Holiday Fair I scurried around drop off fundraiser products to sell for a new Canton Scribal fund, delivered new VOA pads to the MOLs and collected scrolls as I went in the morning. Then His Majesty in his wisdom made a royal decree ‘One name!’ My immediate response was ‘Sara’… leaving out which last name 😇. I was able to watch (then) Lady Amy Sparrow got put on vigil and schedule my ‘Fastpass’ slot to visit her. 

Eventually, I remembered to eat breakfast once I got my scribes going to finish off their scrolls for evening court. Less then 40 minutes later I was enjoying lunch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Shortly after lunch I submitted a hardcopy  of my Letter of Intent to Her Majesty then shortly e-mailed the electronic version to all the appropriate people. I was happy I got to spend some time Kibitzing with friends and looking around prior to preparing for court as Their Excellencies Herald.

Court was awesome.  There was a Lady (whom I had thought was a Peer) get her Golden Dolphin, so peers I am looking to you to keep your eyes on her, much congratulations to you! Then while running Their Excellencies’ Court we had some fun with Their Majesties in their wisdom bestow my friends of mine awards as the Baron and Baroness had also just recognized them. Then my Second Herald, jumped in and called me into court ( I thought I was award proof at the Baronial Level and here they go proving me wrong 😅) as Sanada Tatsuko… while being honored with a Silver Horn for being TE Clerk Signet and Royal Secretary, His Majesty once again… questioned my name and proceeded to honor me with a Coral Branch as Sara van Eerde 🤯. I hadn’t thought anyone had noticed my artwork so that was an honor (also I didn’t kneel because of a bad knee, please forgive me, I didn’t want to go to all fours to get back up).

After finishing TE’s court, Their Majesties’ continued their court. I spied with my herald’s eye a name of a friend on the docket and asked Her Majesty if I may go grab her…. Turns out she had moved from where I had last saw her before court.😕 Never fear thanks to the aid of some friends I found her in a dazed state and helped her to Their Majesties Court. She was shaking not necessarily knowing what was going on and I was in tears of joy for my friend being honored, just earlier in the day I was telling people of her good works and that she should be recommended for this award. 

Court ended with a great laugh and joy as (then) Lady Amy Sparrow was elevated and awarded her Laurel. I need to remember her infamous quoting of Mistress Molly…. The look on Her Majesty’s face when Mistress Amy said it was priceless. 🙈🙉🙊

The evening was finished off with dinner with some friends (thank you!!) and a nice drive home.

The next day was a thrilling adventure of being a DM to 4 fearless fighters for 7 hours. 🙂 Which in itself was another adventure this past weekend. 🤪

For the story behind each of my names go to the about me page.😊 

And for the record Your Majesty; Sara van Eerde is at  your service to the dream <curtsies>.