A Lady with too many names.

Sara joined as a member of the Society of Creative Anachronism in the Autumn of 2009. This website is being created to display, discuss and promote Sara’s works in Service to the Dream and her Arts & Sciences experiments

Sara resides in the Canton of Sudentorre in the Barony of Stierbach in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Sara’s past adventures in the SCA includes assisting at working at Troll, Security at Pennsic, Disability Carts at Pennsic, Guarding the Royal Encampment, serving as Baronial Minister of Arts & Sciences, and other mischievous volunteer opportunities. as they have arisen.  

Sara currently serving as Deputy to the Minister of A & S for the Canton, Herald and Clerk Signet for her Barony, and is a deputy to the Kingdom Minister of the Lists as the Warrant & Training Deputy.

Sara has many names registered within the Society, with her own reasons.

Sara van Eerde (registered): to honour her late father’s side of the family originally hailing from the Netherlands.

Sara Nayl Bendare  (registered): (aka Sara the Nail Bender) Earned at her first Pennsic, ask her she’ll tell you the story some time. Which is why she used nailbender as part of this site’s domain name.

Sanada Tatsuko (registered):  I obtained since I joined a household that does Japanese reenactment and is the predominant garb choice I now wear (hence the .ninja part of the domain name  ).

Sara Giglsworth of Wigglesworth (registered) is a nod to her mother’s short stint playing in the SCA. Sara with some friends has created a Scribal Household known as The Giglsworth Academy of Wigglesworth  (registered) also known as the Giggleswick Scribes of Wigglesworthe.

Also, a common nickname for Sara is Sara-Jennifer to help differentiate between the several Saras in the area.