I am working on a design using Shibori Techniques. Now that I have shown the display at Kingdom A & S Festival, I am happy to post the photos of the work I have done this third go around.


 I used three different stitching techniques: Backstitching, Running Stitch (both for Spike) and a whip-like stitch (for the waves). I also used a resist technique that used a bean and wrapped thread (or in my case hair ties) to make the bubbles. After stitching Spike and the waves I washed away the Crayola Washable Marker markings, let it dry and then proceeded to follow the steps to dye it.



Placing a bead or a bean in the fabric and use thread to bind it in place by wrapping the thread. I used a modern material for wrapping the beans in place, small rubber band hair ties.



The cloth is folded into different shapes then bound in between two pieces of wood or modernly plastics to act as a resist. For wood, I used miniature popsicle sticks and bound the popsicle sticks with hair ties (instead of string).