During the first dying session, fellow members of a household I am a part of dyed different Shibori patterns on Flour Sack Cloth Towels to make feast napkins.

Knowing I lack reusable napkins for feast gear and the Japanese use clothes to bundle lunches together and to use as bags; I thought the use of these Flour Sack Cloth Towel was ingenious. So I set out to make a pair of each of the designs I wanted to try and experiment with recreating or just plain creating.

The objects from this dying session will be photographed since they are now dry. Unbound, more photography, then rinsed, dried, ironed and then final photos will be taken. All the new photos will be posted here grouped with the pre-dying photos.

Below I am including example images using origami paper folded in the different ways I folded the fabric for visualization purposes.

To help mitigate page load times due to several photos of the Shibori process for each pattern; I have created pages for each of the following techniques.



Zip Tied