Quilting is a newer hobby for me. The majority of my studies have come from the lessons found on YouTube posted by the Missouri Star Quilt Company whose main website is linked here. I am concurrently working on four different quilt tops, when the fancy strikes me and when I have the time, like being snowed in on a Saturday. 

One quilt is using Marvel Licensed Fabric. I am doing a variation on Grandmothers Fan quilting pattern. I am designing the actual placement of the fans to make a diamond pattern with the centre making an ‘S’ pattern for Superheros. The design is setup either short side can be top or the bottom of the quilt.

Another is using DC Comic’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Licensed fabric. This one I am doing a simple disappearing 9 patch pattern with solid blocks mixed in as well.

The third is using Studio Basic 10″ squares by Timeless Treasures and a solid black fabric. The pattern for this is a Sashed Half Hexagon. I am doubling the size of the quilt though.

The fourth is using Batik fabric and Man Sewing Burst Block Template for 10″ Squares. This one though I inverted the pattern versus the solid fabric pieces for something a little more different.