A lot of the work I have done I have done with a team of artisans. Our works are documented on Giglswick Academy of Scribes of Wigglesworth website.

I have done calligraphy on the scrolls under the Rip Rap War, Pennsic, Stierbach’s Baronial Birthday, Royal Archer, Defending the Gate of 2017 and Holiday Faire of 2016. My fellow scribe Eleanor du Chester joined our household and did the calligraphy on the scrolls for Holiday Faire 2017.

Some of my illumination work is on Leyli’s Silver Glove, Failenn’s St Roch from Stierbach’s Baronial Birthday, two of the scrolls inspired by the Staffordshire Hoard from Holiday Faire 2017; the Rip Rap War* scroll with assistance from my fellow Illuminators. 

*Sole Illuminator on scroll