August 2020

Sara here! I have been working with the Kingdom’s Great Officers of State and with the KEMs and my KMOL deputies with reopening procedures for both the Kingdom and MOLs. Also I have been working to ensure that the new fighting forms are added to the system with the appropriate authorizations. So when the Kingdom re-opens fighters will be able to fight with the new forms. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.


July 2020 Update

After coming down with an illness in late June. My focus has been my health and working at the Kingdom level to help facilitate the planning of how to reopen the Kingdom. Work continues with more meetings and planning to occur.  Also, I have been working with My Baron and Baroness planning their final court and finding scribes to handle the workload.

My best wishes to you all. 


Spring 2020

Hmmm. Sorry I have been radio silent. COVID sheltering in place I forgot to manage and maintain my websites. Starting on March 15th I stopped socializing in person with everyone leaving one of the Canton Practice’s early that day.  At home I have worked on getting my woodshop de-winterized, organize the garage, working on mundane woodworking project replacing boards on a picnic table (tabletop and the seats), determined the cause of why the Mischief and Shenanigans’ Viking Tent is not square, and started making a Viking chair for myself (which will be my first-period chair). So woodworking is slowly going, since my woodshop has become slightly abandoned due to an Animal Crossing New Horizons habit that I seemed to have developed in March (it has been cold too!). 0:)   

Feb 2020

Hello All!  I took some time this month to practice my chainmail skills. I am currently preparing for Defending the Gate and am looking forward to a great event there. 

Take Care!


January 2020

…and this is 2020!

Sara here. Sorry, I disappeared from my online websites. I had a death in the family in November dealing with that, the holiday and construction work, I lost track of time.

I have been busy preparing for the new year and ensuring MOLs have what they need for the year to come. I hope to see you all soon at Winter University!

November 2019!

This month threw me for a curveball with a death in my family.  Thank you to my Kingdom Deputies for volunteering to step in to handle any issues, which I saw no issues pop up.

Thank you to the Giglsworth Academy of Wigglesworth family for taking care of My Baronage for Their Court.

Next up planning for Unevent meetings!

October 2019

October flew by, and I am busy prepping for Fall Crown Tournament.

I have started relearning woodworking and making some small wood projects including stuff for Shenanigans and Mischief, some of it will be making first event appearance at Crown.  Until November!

September Update

Hello All!

I am busy preparing for Stierbach Baronial Birthday. Giglswick of Wigglesworth (the actual location) will be busy in real life for about the next month. So I will be assisting  Janna. Plans are in the works for Fall Crown Tournament’s Activities. Which I still need more MOLs.

I hope all is well with you.

July Update 2019

Sara here…July is here and two members of our household are preparing for Pennsic (sadly not I). One of which is taking our mascot Mischief with them to Peace week of Pennsic. So I am sewing him garb as Jedi Robes do not qualify as period Garb. So far his kilt, sporran, and a Viking apron dress (he is a monkey) and a black apron to match mine are done. 

Monkey sized Kasode, Hakuma, Ottoman, underdress are all up next!

Even though I am not going, the Pennsic panic has arrived!