A&S is coming!

Well, the new year has started with some bumps in the road. However, I find myself grateful and looking forward to the year to come. The Second day of the New Year was spent experimenting with Shibori dying techniques then off to talk to MOAS of the Canton I support. The Sixth I spent at the Baronial A&S day learning more about Japanese garb and how to improve my SCA Resume, (which got updated immediately). 

I spent the remainder of Saturday sorting, editing and uploading the initial photos taken on the Second to document my journey discovery Shibori techniques, old and new. The seventh I plan to photograph, open, photograph, rinse, and dry the second’s shibori with a final photography session when they are dry. Gaming and sewing might occur too… *innocent smiley face* I am planning and preparing to have open displays at Kingdom A & S for myself and my Scribal household. A lot to do and not so much time, phew! 

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