Pennsic Letter #4

Mistress Blitha and Lord Allan of Wolfhou,

Before I forget; I met Justin, the thatcher of speed, the other day and he sends his greetings. There is much to consider before making such a decision, so none has been made as of yet.

The Giglsworth Academy of Wiggleswort’s Halls are empty, cold, and lacking in the sound of laughter.  Thankfully the halls are staying dry. I have heard of storms pending on your horizon and I hope all in the encampment stay dry.

I have heard the news that Lord Kelvin and his peer Mistress Garcia are working hard to ensure everyone is appropriately fed. I look forward to hearing more about their delightful meals when you return.

Shenanigans and I have been keeping each other company and he has helped monitor the lands of Sudentorre and Stierbach with the Gigglesworth fleet of flying monkeys. They report that your wolf pack is well fed and doing a great job doing their duty protecting their assigned lands and herds. Not one protected animal has been lost under their watch.

Not much else to report on the home front.  I hope that you are in good health, safe, that the markets haven’t pillaged your wallets too much, and your arrows and atlatl darts fly true.

Please send my greetings and love to your family.

Best wishes,

Lady Sara

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