Phew! I survived my first KASF Display! :)

First: My many thanks to Her Highness, Amirah Una for her time to allow me to measure her (for a garment) and discuss a concern I had. It was a pleasure to be of service to you, as the second herald, during your first ever (regency) court. I look forward to being of further assistance to you and (HH) Amir Dietrich. 

Second:  would like to thank my friends that helped me unload, setup, organize, display, tear down and load my car while I am fighting (with antibiotics) a sinus infection. I would not have survived the event without all your help.

Third: Thank you to everyone who took the time to look at my display and provide feedback and, yes, once I find a photo of myself that I like I will be adding it to this page as suggested.  🙂

Next up for me: Teaching Glass Bead Making on the 17th for my Barony, 3 garments and two scrolls for Defending the Gate. 

…now if I can just get a steady internet connection….

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