Caer Mear Love

While I have never been a resident of the Barony of Caer Mear, it and it’s Gem Jousts will always hold a special place in my heart. 

When I joined the SCA my first event was Fall Crown Tournament 2009. I didn’t stay for the evening court going out to dinner with five people instead. At dinner, I remember being impressed with the family I sat across from engaging and including their young son at the table and with the table. They were kind and sweet playing with him and talking with the rest of us. It was that dinner that made up my mind that these people in my local group where people I wanted to know, spend time with. That dinner sealed the deal so to speak. 🙂

My next few events I go to and start discovering more of the SCA and actually get to a few courts and see the magic of the dream. One thing was calling of newcomers. My first court I felt odd, since while newish I had already been to an event (just not a court) and had been a paid member for 3 months prior to my first event. So I kept in my seat those courts. Then Saphire Joust XII came. I went to the Royal Court and the following day the  Baronial Court. 

At that court, Their Excellencies called forth all newcomers and those who it was their first time attending an event in the Barony of Caer Mear. Seeing as it was my first time at an Event in Caer Mear, I went up. I was given a small token of (8″ inches or so) blue & green cord of Kumihimo on a keyring. It immediately went onto my keys and stayed there until it kept falling off, at which point I tucked it away with my precious things from the SCA since I didn’t want to lose it.  A few years later, in 2014, at Ruby Joust III, I was honoured with an Opal.

I have worked at the Gem Jousts as a Minister of the lists since 2012 (I think, I have lost count and wasn’t documenting my service then). The past two years I have served at the table for the Rapier field, as the R-MIC is a member of my household and had asked me to serve (sorry, equestrian field: I miss you guys!). This year I quickly reached a state of punchy silliness due to lack of sleep over the weekend from circumstances outside of the event).

I knew the MOL-IC presence was requested at the Baronial Court, I attended to cheer on and support my friend. I was thrilled to see her given thanks then later honoured with The Merlon of Caer Mear, as I know she works her heart out to serve the fighters on the field as MOL. Feeling young a heart (no sleep stupid remember) I tried to go up with the childern, but my friend held me back, even though I had stolen her ‘wanted’ poster. What I didn’t expect was for her(the MOLIC), the RMIC and the ACMIC to call me out/nod to me for my service that weekend. Per Her Excellencies request in court, I met with her (after hiding a certain MOLIC’s wanted poster <angelic, innocent face>). There she was kind to give me another token from Caer Mear, a necklace that was handmade by one of her artisans.  

I do not know who made these pieces of Largess that have come to me via Caer Mear, but I want all artisans to know thank you. These two pieces are incredibly special to me since I am not from their barony, yet in their own way choose to be inclusive. So He’shaw to the Largess makers! For the little and large trinkets you made your Royalty does matter and is importent to those who receive it, even if you don’t know it. 

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