Happy 6th of May!

I have been helping the MOL-IC for Ruby Joust prepare for the event.  If you are a fighter please pre-sign in so the MOLs can get some of the work we need to do done ahead of time. Once on-site I will be chained to the Rapier field’s MOL table for the duration of the event.

The link is here.

After that, I will be taking my household to Known World Heraldry & Scribal Symposium.

April 2018 Update

Hello everyone!

I have updated my resume to reflect what I have done recently and also, for everyone’s convenience, added links to the scroll images that are posted online on my household’s website the Gigglesworth Academy of Scribes of Wigglesworth within a new tab. Just click on the recipient’s name to see the scroll on my Resume page

I have also added images of garment pieces I was honoured to make for the Baron and Baroness of Stierbach so they could dress in Japanese garments at Defending the Gate on the Garb Creation Page.

Later this month, per feedback I received at Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival,  I will be posting pictures of myself as recommended; even though I hate having pictures taken. I’d rather be on the other side of the camera 🙂